Please complete this inquiry form in order to obtain a Service Order form and the Rules and Regulations of the Exchange.


  1. Autonomous System Number assigned by a Regional Internet Registry.
  2. Public IP Space either directly assigned by a Regional Internet Registry or by an upstream carrier. (Networks smaller than /24 may not be accepted by other participants)
  3. Entry in
  4. Router capable of BGP4 and available gigabit singlemode ethernet port.

Complete the form in order to receive your port assignment and exchange IP information.

If you are ordering a circuit to the exchange, you will need to provide us with the LOA/CFA from the carrier. We will process a cross connect order through DC74 Data Centers to the carrier’s meet-me room presence, and let you know when it is complete so you can set up your BGP session. Upon successful setup and testing your port will be set to the public VLAN and you will be able to peer with all participants on the exchange. If you plan to collocate a router at DC74 Data Centers simply order a cross connect to the Exchange on your service order.

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