CLTIIX is a neutral, community focused Internet Exchange, working with regional network operators to help grow connectivity options throughout the Carolinas. We provide 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet ports, delivered over single mode fiber, on a carrier grade switching fabric.

CLTIIX adds valuable experience and knowledge in developing the IP interconnection ecosystem. From a business point of view we constantly strive to enlarge the number of potential peers and the potential peering benefits for our members and customers by extending our services.

CLTIIX is hosted by DC74 Data Centers, located at 3101 International Airport Dr., Charlotte NC 28208.


How do I get in touch with the CLTIIX?

Please email info at cltiix.com

Where do I connect?

CLTIIX interconnection is available at 3101 International Airport Drive, Charlotte NC 28208. For circuit ordering purposes, NPA-NXX is 704-405.


There is currently no charge for 1Gb and 10Gb ports on the exchange. Cross connects and/or colocation space will need to be negotiated directly with the facility provider DC74 Data Centers (info@dc74.com).

How do I connect?

There are a couple options to connect to the exchange:

  1. Use ethernet transport through a carrier who is already in the facility. For a list of carriers click here.
  2. Rent colo space and install a layer-3 device (router).

How should I configure my router and/or switchport?

The folks at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMSIX) have written a GREAT config guide for connecting to an exchange (located here).